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About Renate





“Nature and animals are my greatest sources of inspiration and the main subjects of my paintings. Animals, because of their honesty and pureness. There are no masks they're hiding behind, they feel what they feel, act how they act, no games, they just are. I think that’s why I love being around them and why I love to paint them.

At the start of each year I choose a theme to focus on for the next twelve months, such as birds in flight and rare breeds of domestic animals. When I was doing research on this subject, I was surprised to find that some breeds are on the verge of extinction, which would be a great pity. Through my watercolours and engagement I hope people will soon see the beauty and importance of these animals again.


I try to find and visit places that have these rare animals to take photos and make small sketches which I later on use for my paintings.

My works are realistic, but painted loosely and spontaneously. It’s soft in the background and has strong shapes in the front. I strive for a misty atmosphere with a few sharper details. I love painting on Ampersand claybord, which is hardboard with an ultra-smooth kaolin clay ground. On this surface I can play with the water and pigments and just have fun. It requires layer, upon layer, upon layer to build up the intensity of colours.


It’s unpredictable and the results are always a surprise and unique, but that’s exactly why I love watercolour so much.”







Key dates:

2018: winner of certificate ‘Among best 50’ of GAWA International Watercolor Online Contest-2018

2018: article in the magazine The Art of Watercolour

2017: followed an online course by internationally renowned watercolour artist Janine Gallizia.

Since 2015: started teaching drawing and painting workshops to kids at primary schools and day-care centres together under the name À la Prima.

Since 2014: started exhibiting in group exhibitions.

Since 2013: various workshops and courses in watercolour, among others two workshops by Gerard Hendriks.

2008-2014: studied Drawing at an art academy in Belgium.